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I must have googled for localization help to find this website because I know of no one who has localized their app. Regardless of how I found it, I was extremely lucky because I could not have wished for better service. Early on, I do recall reading a review claiming that the owner of Babble-On responded extremely quickly to all of your inquiries. Sure, sure, I thought, that review was probably written by the owner's mother.

Man, was I wrong! So, okay, I'm eating my crow pie. Yuk!

The guy who owns and operates Babble-On is Benjamin Zadik. Trust me when I say this - he responded to my emails so fast that the 'swooooooo-oooooshhhhh' of my email being sent had just barely subsided when his response returned. Bing! I think he voice-dictates his emails then says 'Send!', cuz that's way too fast for human typing. Especially human typing that makes sense.

Benjamin went out of his way to answer all of my questions. No matter how dumb the question, nothing deterred him.

I could write a book on how responsive and understanding this guy is, but if you need to have your app localized, this is the guy to do it. He has a great deal of knowledge on iTunes and what is required of developer's if they are having their app localized.

For instance, I had no idea that all of the key words and the app description had to be localized for each language. He did and he set me straight. He also caught a mistake that I had placed in my Info tab bar view. He didn't have to do that. But he did, because he cares about his clientele. I cannot think of any other business that I have dealt with that has done that before. None!

One more thing. Someone took a look at the German translation of Tipperoni's Info View and emailed me: "Who did your German translation? It is very good." The gentleman even wanted a link to Babble-On. So, coming from a native German, I think that says something about the quality of Benjamin's service.

To be clear in all of this, Benjamin uses native professionals for all of his translations. Initially, I thought this is going to take some time to do, but I was wrong. I believe for five localizations, it took about three days.

With each of those localizations came suggestions that I should be aware of. One of those suggestions was that Asian's do not tip. Whoops! My gratuity slider could not be set to 0%. So, back I went into the code to make sure that my gratuity slide could be set to 0% to satisfy that need.

Bottom line: If you plan on localizing your app - bookmark Babble-On.

You will not regret it. I promise.

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