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Worst Case Senario for a Developer

What you are about to read is nothing but the truth so help me God. Ready?

Last year I found a website - iphonefootprint.com - that promised to critique my app for $29.

Their 'expedited' submissial for review info is as follows:

The app is reviewed right away, and not placed in a long queue of review requests
  1. A fair, detailed review of your application
  2. A brief review of your app in the iTunes App Store (U.S. only).
  3. Regular, timely updates to the review, based on updates or price changes to your app (you only need to drop us a note)
It’s just $29, after all

If you are interested in any of these offers, avail the service instantly by making the required payment with the PayPal’s buy now buttons, or write to (info”at”iphonefootprint.com) if you have any queries.

Here is how it all went down.

I paid iphonefootprint.com $29 to review my iPhone app. I followed up with my press release including three (3) Promo Codes for their personal evaluation.

I heard back from ‘himanshu’ notifying me that they had received my email. I was asked to confirm my PayPal email address, which I did immediately.

I inquired when they would review my app.

I received an email noting, ‘Your app is being reviewed, we will send you a confirmation as soon as the app review is live.’

They once again asked for my PayPal email address. I replied with that info on the same day.

My app still had not been reviewed. I filed a dispute with PayPal

Their rep sent the following email:
"We apologize for the delay caused due to our payment account problems, but we have confirmed your payment and will be reviewing your app by the end of the day. We haven't received a promo code for your app "Tipperoni" with the app review request sent previously . Could you please send it to us for the review. We request you to kindly close the dispute as soon as possible so that we can process your request smoothly ."


Their rep sent the following email:
Tipperoni has been reviewed on iPhoneFootPrint. Please take a look and let
us know if you have any queries. As the review is live we request you to kindly close the dispute as soon as possible."

I inquired how they 'reviewed' my app without any Promo Codes. In addition, their 'review' made the following claim about the magnifier feature of my app: "The magnifier will also translate the magnified area text into language of your choice.".
If I could make my magnifer translate any language into another, I would rule the earth.

To be continued ...