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Phone App Development the Missing Manual
by Craig Hockenberry

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This book saved me a TON of work. Craig, you da, MAN!! This book should be read by anyone who is developing an app.

While Craig does cover app development, that is not what makes this book a killer read to have next to your computer. Craig takes you through setting up all of your builds, your Beta testing and your Final Build. And, that is really just the beginning. He goes on to show and tell about how to promote your app, points you to website after website on app statistics, promoting, psychology (Yes, psychology) and on and on. You cannot miss with this 300+ page book.

He even prepares you for rejection. But, the really gargantuan thing about this book, is that he takes you through the Provisioning process STEP BY STEP. For a N00b, this can really ruin your day unless you have some help.

I bought this book on whim. And, I never do that. Never. Why I did that is not clear to me, but tell you what - This book saved me tons and tons of frustration. I hope no one has to suffer through all the things that dev’s must do to just get started in this business more than once. It is not any fun at all. If you have someone to lend a hand, count yourself extremely lucky.

I know there are Apple doc’s that I suppose do the same thing and I have taken a look at those. But, Craig has a way of really explaining WHY you are doing this and that and builds your confidence quickly and really eases the pain and frustration. I know Apple is not deliberately trying to drive you mad by making you jump through all these hoops, but there are a lot of forms to fill out and boxes to file and descriptions to make, keywords to generate, ... it is a very long list indeed.

Learn from this
I read this book initially by jumping from chapter to chapter reading stuff that I needed to know at that moment. That was a HUGH MISTAKE. Well, sorta, as you’ll see in a moment.

After I began developing my app, I logged into iTunes Connect and deleted my app info for some reason (that I cannot recall at the moment), and then tried to re-enter it. Guess what? That deletion cost me the use of the name I had chosen for my app. If you delete an app name, you can never use it again. Someone else can use it, but not you. At that moment, the medic’s put the straight jacket on me, then sedated me. But, as horrific as that event was, I think the new name I was forced to come up with turned out to be much better than the name I deleted. Go figur.

Craig’s book may be getting out of date quickly due to all the change’s that go on in this environment, but I still recommend reading it VERY HIGHLY. He has a great sense of humor and he certainly knows his stuff. No other book that I own on the subject covers all that he does in so few pages. As, I mentioned, while he does cover app development, it is all the other things that he covers that make this book a gold mine of knowledge. Read it! You’ll thank me for the recommendation.

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