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Tipperoni Flashlight Instructions

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This is (obviously) super simple to use. Tap the flashlight icon tab bar button at the bottom.

This will bring up the green button view as seen on left. Pressing the green button will turn the flashlight 'ON'. As soon as the flashlight turns on, you will see that the button has turned red. This is the 'OFF' button. Pressing it will turn the flashlight off. The green button will then re-appear.

Again, we know you will find many uses for this feature besides checking your credit card receipt before signing. Enjoy.
Tipperoni Info View or Page
There is also an Info view in Tipperoni. It is the last tab bar button on the right at the bottom of the view. If you look at one of the images above you will see the i with a circle around it. Tapping that button will open the Instructions for using Tipperoni.

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