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Coding was the easy part ... really

I thought coding was difficult. I was wrong. Very wrong.

It is the promotion of the result of the coding that is the greater task. Now, you must dress in your gaudiest apparel, learn how to swagger and set about pimping your app. And don’t forget the shades and the spats either because you’re going to need all the help you can get.

First of all, there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the wild, and hundreds (thousands?) of sites competing to showcase those apps. They front page well established (old?) ‘lists of must places’ to advertise your app while quoting ‘so-and-so of renowned reputation’ purporting to guarantee success. What a jungle of words, disingenuous rhetoric and deception, awaits the unsuspecting developer.

Picture Little Red Riding Hood deep in the forest with her basket of goodies (apps) and an iPhone with a dead battery. Not a good place to be.

While I cannot substantiate this, I think that if the developer is fortunate enough to be noticed by one really good source that has a good enough following, then she may have just arrived at that magical moment when her app really gets some wind beneath its wings. Wow! I wonder what that would feel like?

I am, of course, making the assumption that the app is worthy of notice in the first place. If it’s a fart app, then all I have to offer is I hope she did not quit her day job. I am also making the assumption that she made some gallant effort to get noticed at all.

I know, I know, ... Steve (Jobs) never promised us a rose garden.

So, how do you get your app noticed? I think it’s called ‘shot gunning’. I sent out six PR’s a day ago to sites on one of those ‘lists’ I mentioned. I received one response today. It was long and windy, but it did have an offer. For only $500 we can ... yada, yada, yada. Quick, quick! Where do I sign?

I find it interesting what can spin off of a rotating mass. Apple creates this humongous global environment called the App Store and you just never know what hybrid, sticky pond scum will evolve because of it. Where is Darwin when we need him?

Surely, my dear reader, no one you or I know would ever succumb to that sort of ‘promotional offer’?

I certainly hope not.