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Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (3rd Edition)
by Stephen G. Kochan

Steve’s website
Steve’s Book

Note 1. Book link is to the 4th Edition.

Note 2. My review is based on the 3rd edition.

You will never outgrow this book. There may be a newer version out by this date, I am not certain. If you truly want to know your stuff, you must work all of his examples and do the extra examples as well. I’m not kidding.

The Good
Steve does not miss anything. He cover’s all the nuances in excruciating detail. You will not go wrong following his lead.

The Bad (sorta ...)
If you know anything about coding, you may be aware that object-c files are broken up into interface (filename.h) and implementation files (filename.m). At the start of the book, Steve does all of his coding in the main.m file. I know he does this to ‘keep it simple’ and I agree with him, to a point. It is not until Chapter Seven of the book (page 133), that he begins showing the reader the value of the interface and implementation file structure. So, I ‘m kinda on the fence on this one, but I think he could have started sooner because that’s the real world of what we do.

The Index
Great! Five out of five stars.

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