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How Tipperoni Came To Be

Like all things in life, ideas are born often times under the strangest of circumstances. Tipperoni was born out of necessity.

I had just picked up my wife from O’Hare Airport and took her to dinner. As soon as the check arrived it hit me like a ton of bricks - “A gratuity calculator”, I shouted. With a stunned look on her face, Cris said, “What are you talking about? Are you okay?”

And, so it began.

After working on it for some time, the thought came to me that a flashlight would come in handy for reading the menu in dimly lit eateries. So, I added that to my app to-do list.

Then, my best source of real iOS knowledge, quipped (in an email), “Why not add a magnifying glass for those of us who suffer from myopia.” Huh? What the heck is myopia? So, I coded up a magnifying glass with a light for those of us who don eyewear on a daily basis.

For the record, that last sentence may sound like just a casual one or two day task. It was much more than that. Same goes for the flashlight. I’m not going to get started on any of that. Not here, anyway.

So, what started out as a singular iPhone app, quickly developed into two additional views to complement the original concept. We think they all fit together quite nicely. I suppose we will learn what App Store visitors think of it.

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