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Tipperoni's Gratuity Calculator Instructions

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Tipperoni is extremely easy to use. You only have two things to do: Enter the Check amount, and set the Per Person wheel. The Per Person wheel sets the number of people who are going to share the Check with you.

To enter the
Check amount, just 'roll' the first five 'wheels' from the left. In the scenario shown at the left, these five wheels have been set to 123.45.

You do not have to worry about entering the decimal point. The first three wheels set the dollar amount and the next two wheels set the cents.

To set the
Per Person field, just roll the rightmost wheel. It is the wheel with the silhouette. In this case, there are three people sharing the Check. This sets their share to $48.56 each.

And, as can be seen just below the flag, the gratuity is pre-set to 18%. If you would like to change that value, then all you have to do is adjust the vertical slider to suit. The gratuity slider is adjustable from 0%-to-30%.

All calculations are done instantly. That's it. Quick and simple.

Oh, and don't forget - Tipperoni is also fluent in
French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and German.
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Wheel Rotating Tip
Probably the best way to rotate the picker wheels is to do the following. Looking at the leftmost wheel, while holding your hand in somewhat of a perpendicular angle to the wheel, place your forefinger over the 1 and slide upwards. You can actually slide all the way to the top edge of your iPhone and the wheel will continue rotating. The big advantage of this method is that you will not obstruct your view. Many user's do not realize that you can slide as far as I just described and still be affecting wheel change.

Many user's (myself included) first did this by keeping my hand nearly parallel to the wheel when rotating. You will rotate the wheel, but you will also block your view. That is not what you want to do.
Hidden Feature
A hidden feature that is not seen in the top image, is that when you rotate any of the first five wheels from the left, a red
$ or ¢ character will appear as seen in the lower image at left. This immediately tells you what monetary digit you are setting. These characters will only stay 'on' for about 3-4 seconds.

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