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I began website building with DreamWeaver. Then Rapid Weaver (RW) was recommended from a poster in a Dreamweaver forum I was seeking help from. (I'm not kidding - RW was recommended in a Dreamweaver forum. What a blessing that was.)

I have never looked back.

I have built several very complex websites utilizing the power of RW and all of its add-ons. The RW community is hugh and their forums are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. In this technological day and age, trying to stay current is like trying to ride a wave of mercury - it is almost impossible to do unless you stay at it 24/7. Most humans do not have that kind of time to dedicate to one project. That is where an active and dedicated community becomes invaluable. You cannot find a more robust community of users than you can at the RW forums.

As a matter of fact, there are actually two forums within RW - the one I just cited and another where you communicate with the developers of RW.

I cannot recommend RW highly enough.

Rapid Weaver Themes
For the uninitiated, themes are how your RW looks and functions. There are hundreds if not thousands of RW themes from which you can choose. At the moment (2 MAR 2012), the theme I am using is Create and is from Elixir Graphics. The developer of Elixir, Adam Shriver, is very supportive of his clients. You will have a response to a question within minutes.

It has been my experience in all the years that I have been a member of the RW community, that you can always expect competent and polite support whenever you need it.