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So, why does Tipperoni have a magnifying glass again?

I was recently questioned as to why Tipperoni had a magnifying glass and a flashlight. She thought all of those features were an ‘interesting’ mix. I think she may have been one of those person’s with 20/20 vision.

Still and all, a fair enough question, I suppose.

She also did not read my Thoughts blog, but that’s fine. No laws have been broken. So, let’s have another go at it.

Tipperoni was born out of necessity. It was an app that would have come in quite handy for my wife and I when we were dining out on that fateful Spring evening. We never haggle over the tip, but we do prefer to tip in accordance with local custom, whatever that may happen to be at that time. Tipperoni now fills that need. In seconds.

We were seated on a dimly lit side of the restaurant. The small print of their extensive wine list was very difficult to read. When the CC receipt was given to us, it was printed on a very small slip of paper making it difficult to read. I don’t know about you, but we think it is very important to verify what is printed on this small slip of paper, before you sign it.

So, is the flashlight feature making a bit more sense now?

The magnifying glass with its built-in light improves on that scenario ten-fold or more, depending on the user, of course. This was not my idea at all. It was a suggestion from a very knowledgable advisor. It felt like more of a ‘nudge’, than a suggestion, but regardless, I am glad that feature was added to Tipperoni. Reading the small print in those dark cubby holes is now a breeze. Try it. You’ll like it.

Going back to the flashlight for a moment, some user’s think the flashlight is a great personal safety device. That was not my original intention for adding it to Tipperoni, but yes, it would be extremely handy for many things of that nature. For instance, it would be perfect for finding the correct key to your front door when entering after dark. Or finding the keyhole? Its uses are only limited by your imagination. And needs.

I’m rooting for the magnifying glass. I really believe that the magnifying glass, when used in a dining environment, will be a great app to have at your fingertaps, er fingertips. Sorry.

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